When you take an idea, and turn it into a piece of art with purpose you have something that goes beyond the realm of traditional awards; you have something Elite. This series is created specifically for us by Peter Yenawine; renowned crystal designer/sculptor with the skill and detail that only a master craftsman can bring. All of the Elite series uses the highest quality of optic crystal in existence, like that used in telescopes and cameras. Many of the pieces use a “lost-wax” technique to create meticulous detail and one-of-a-kind artwork unseen anywhere else in the awards industry.

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Best Wishes


Big Top


Blue Phineal


Blue Spire





$127.60 More Sizes

Corinthian Blocks

$404.80 More Sizes

Global Golf

$281.60 More Sizes

Global Honor

$281.60 More Sizes

Highest Honor


Key to Success

$96.80 More Sizes