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Product Material

We use a variety of materials to make our awards and gifts products, including....

Italian Lead Crystal

Rewarding with Signature style

We proudly include this designer line of 24% Lead Crystal Vase and Award Cups from Top Italian Designers Mario Cioni and Agarthi to our collection. These designer pieces are available with large engraving areas and are exclusively designed for our PRISM awards and corporate gifts product line. Each piece is hand-blown and hand-cut with the utmost care and passion for a noble and traditional art. This collection is treasured for its artistic value, which will continue to increase in time. A few bubbles and flaw lines are inherent to the nature of manufacturing. The 24% lead content enriches brightness, weight and hardness, while still ensuring clarity, sparkle and brilliance. Proposition 65 WARNING: This Product contains Lead and/or Cadmium, chemicals known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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Optical Crystal

Recognizing the very best

Optical Crystal is among the finest of all crystals available. They are perfectly clear and flawless. Although there are several different grades of optical crystal raw materials used in the market, resulting in different levels of clarity and brightness, we ONLY use the finest grade to make our PRISM Optical crystal collection. Unlike lead crystal, optic crystal is absolutely lead free, perfect for all kinds of popular engraving methods. Each piece is hand polished and beveled to achieve a mystical refraction. Clear, black, blue, pink, green and amber accents are also used in our Optical Crystal collection, for a more contemporary design.

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Glass Awards

Motivating to the summit

Starfire Clear Glass is a lead free, low iron product that represents the very best in clarity, close to optic crystal, although not clear enough to be called “crystal”, and sold at a fraction of the cost. The raw material for the glass sheets are made in Germany under high quality control standards. The sophisticated polish and bevel edge work creates a beautiful reflection with a slight bluish hue. Three quarters (3/4") and half (1/2") inch thickness is available in this collection, which is complimented well by deep etching.

Jade Glass has a unique light green pigmentation caused by iron ore content. Each piece is hand polished and beveled to achieve the finest diamond cuts and delicate facets available. Our Jade Glass collection is manufactured in varying thicknesses. The thicker the piece, the more distinctive the green tint will show, especially when viewed from an angle or edge. With a wide variety to choose from, we are your one-stop source for glass products at an economical price.

Starfire Clear Glass

Jade Glass

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Molten Glass

Molten glass is created using extreme temperatures to melt down small chunks of glass, which is then poured into a pre-made mold. Upon hardening and cooling the glass may have small air bubbles inside, which is typical of this style glass. A benefit to this style of glass production is the ability to cast different shapes, such as sports balls or figurines. Some molten glass pieces are also available with a frosted finish, which gives it a great contrast to colored bases.

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Art Glass

Art glass is also sometimes called "blown glass", because of the process where molten glass is traditionally adheared to a metal pole and air is blowin into it to create different shapes. Through a series of heating, rolling, blowing, and forming using other objects, a multitude of shapes and styles can be formed, while the potential color pallet is varried. Molten glass may have small bubbles or lines within the glass, and this is considered normal due to the melting process. Art glass has beautiful, smooth color lines that mimic the exterior shape of the piece which invokes a soothing, mellow feeling. More than just an award these pieces are a statment; and artistic creation to be admired and shared.

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The creation of items in pate de verre through the "lost-wax" technique is a time-consuming process requiring abundant skills. The results of the successful application of these skills are true works of art, possessing a unique translucency, texture and substance, which cannot be achieved with blown glass or molded glass. A contemporary revival of this French ancient technique is used to emphasize in bas-relief and incredible detail; that is combined with pure geometric optic crystal for a unique designer collection of thematic pieces designed for personalized awards and corporate gifts.

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Making a strong statement

Marble is a natural product therefore each piece is slightly different from the other. The variation in color and pattern are considered natural and gives each piece its own uniqueness and natural beauty. Each PRISM marble piece is hand crafted and polished, resulting in slight variations in size and shape, which are considered acceptable. All marbles pieces can be personalized using laser engraving or sandblasting. Color filling is highly recommended to bring out a distinctive contrast in the engraved area.

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